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Our philosophy

Strategy and common sense as key values

At Minds we want your mobile strategy to make the most of your business potential.

Focused on UX and conversion

A user experience thats flows and converts is the key to communicate your value proposition to your customers.

Taking data-informed decisions

We make our product decisions based on data. But not forgetting the insights from our profesional experience.

Only senior guys working with you

All of us at Minds are senior profesionals. We've work in the digital and mobile world for many years.

This is how we can help you

Mobile and Tablet apps for iOS and Android

Mobile sites and responsive adaptations

Strategic and UX consulting for mobile

Web & Mobile optimization

Dashboards and analysis of KPI's

Mobile market and sectorial research

Sometimes we come back to our origins and do web projects

We come from the web world, in which we've worked for Vueling, BSCH, Endesa, Privalia, and many more.

We are proud to work for

Hey!! And we also create our own products!

We’ll show you them the next weeks. We are baking them with all our care... ;-)

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